Traders FAQ

Questions regarding “becoming a trader”

How do I qualify for a trading job?

  1. Sign up (
  2. Start paper trade for 3 month
  3. Build a good track record of $8,500 pm profit, based on a $1mm account size
  4. If you reach the target you will be selected.

Why do I need to paper trade for 3 months?

Because you need to:

  1. get used to our own trend line based trading software
  2. prove that you have drive and strong will to invest into your future.
  3. show that you can achieve good results in a live trading environment
  4. show that you are also profitable with our trend line trading strategy.

Can I use my previous track record instead of qualifying here?

No. Each of our traders needs to pass our qualification process. Our trading strategy is a pure trend lines based trading approach, therefore the trader needs to prove that he is also profitable with our strategy and software.

In case I qualify can I trade remotely / from home?

Yes. Because our traders are based world wide, and we do not have trading floors in each country, we offer remote trading opportunities. We have a secure trading system with integrated pre trade risk management rules which enables also remote trading possibilities.

What layout shall I use to submit my track record?

Please use the following layout and methodology to submit your track record.Sample Performance Calculation