Success story

Sam 32, Trader from Dublin

When I signed up for the paper trading account, I had lots of theoretical knowledge, which I learned at the university, but not really much trading experience. I had doubts, that just technical trading, especially reduced to trend lines analysis can lead to success.

I was surprised on the opposite. Especially the reduced analysis tools lead to very fast decisions, and the predefined diversified portfolio with multiple securities and time frames always provide trading opportunities.  Also position size and stop loss levels are automatically calculated by the software. Because all my trades are automatically executed based on my trend lines, I do not have to worry neither about adjusting my trading levels nor about clicking the trade buttons in the right moment.

This very simple, I’d say almost perfect software helps me to focus on just the trading opportunities and the it takes care of the rest.  So I could build an outstanding track record, and just after two months I was approached and got a trading job offered.

Now just after one year, I managed to earn a very substantial amount of money! I get paid just based on my trading results every month. 30% of the profits I make for the company is mine.  This proves that trading is not just based on talent, but also on discipline and consequence. Hard work pays off!